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Rob Klein bi442 at
Sat Nov 6 19:00:40 CET 2004

> I have always been in the impression that it was Carl Barks that
> invented the name Duckburg, but on a Carl Barks seminar some days ago
> someone noted quickly that although Barks was not the first to use the
> name Duckburg he was surely the one that made it what it was today.
> Does anybody here know what story Duckburg first was mentioned and who
> came up with that name?
> Lars Karlsen
> Oslo, Norway

Barks re-wrote and drew the first Donald Duck (thereby, Duck) story for "Walt 
Disney's Comics and Stories' in 1943.  He had co-written and drawn the first 
Donald Duck one-shot story in 1942. He first used the name "Duckburg" for the 
town where Donald lived in the early 1940s.  If someone had used it before him, 
it would have had to be Bob Karp or another of Al Taliaferro's writers in the 
Donald Duck newspaper comic strip, or in the Donald Duck animated shorts.  I 
think I DO remember seeing that name on a panel or two in the newspaper strips, 
but don't have time to look through all the reprinted newspaper strips in my 
old US Comics and Stories issues (after all-it may NOT have been in those!  It 
may have only been in a strip that was NEVER reprinted in the comic books!  I 
can also picture in my mind viewing the word "Duckburg" or "Duckburgh" on the 
header of a newspaper Donald was reading in a very late 1930s or an early 1940s 
Donald Duck animated short (of course, that means even if this were true, it 
may well have been Barks who used it in the short).

Rob Klein 

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