does Santa exist?

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at
Wed Nov 10 23:38:32 CET 2004

I seem to have been invited to join a "panel of experts"
in a week's time, organised by writers who really write
about science and scientists, in order to discuss, either
seriously or semi-seriously, whether Santa exists or not.
This is not yet clear, but the other panelists include 
at least an astrophysicist and a social anthropologist
(who has recently published a book about the Norwegian
"julenisser", our cousins of the American Santa Claus). 
Perhaps our task is to look at this odd cultural social 
anthropological existential psychological mythological
hollywoodian cult phenomenon with scientists' glasses 
and tools. 

Anyway, when being asked about this I thought 
about our friends the Duckburgians. Do they believe
in Santa? Does Mr Claus really exist, inside that universe?
Let's put up a small list of hypotheses. I need the help 
of you DCMLers to reach answers. Be ready with your
"yes" or "no" or "that's not clear" or "I need to ask dad"
(and your pro et contra arguments). 

(a) In Duckburg, at least Huey Louie Dewey (and their 
generation, and presumably every Junior Woodchuck
worth his racoon cap's tail) firmly believe that Santa exist.

(b) At least HLD have full observational evidence that
Santa exists; see e.g. Barks' Christmas Parade #1 1949,
the one with the big and expensive fight between Donald
and Scrooge. -- Other stories? 

(c) Not only HLD, but also Donald (and his generation)
has full faith in Santa's existence. -- Donald has personally
seen him, at least in the Xmas Parade 1949 story; are
there other trustworthy stories where Donald himself sees 
or meets Santa? 

(d) Hm, I'm reminded of the Firestone 1948 story. 
But that story is apocryphical and cannot be trusted.

(e) A less controversial assumption would be that in
Duckburg, all children believe in Santa, but none of 
the grownups really do. -- Are there stories supporting 
such a view? 

(f) Not even in Duckburg does Santa really exist. -- Again, 
are there stories or Duckburg reports that would lend 
credit to this view? 

(g) Mickey Mouse has never cared about or needed 
or believed in Santa. (Again, we cannot really believe
Firestone 1948 as a genuine story, can we?)

Nils Lid Hjort 

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