Dime and Dime Again and again...

fluks4@planet.nl fluks4 at planet.nl
Tue Nov 23 19:34:31 CET 2004

David wrote (last April!):

> As an Egmont employee, allow me to make it known that "Dime 
> and Dime Again" is, and always has been, the real Egmont 
> title for the story D/D 2001-004.
> "From Dime to Dime" is entirely an Inducks error (probably 
> originating when someone tried to repeat the story's punny 
> title from memory), and we need to fix it there.

This has been fixed a long time ago, but for the record, let me mention 
that the error was due to a letter from Carl Barks to Don Rosa, dated 
April 1991.
So not *entirely* the fault of the Inducksers. 8-)

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