Phantom Blot and Popeye

Botto Armando Armando.Botto at
Wed Nov 24 08:34:53 CET 2004

> I was looking at some of the scans located in Outducks, and wanted to take
a look at the US Phantom Blot covers. I always thought that there were 7
issues of this comic, but here I found the cover-scan of issue number 8,
featuring the Phantom Blot and Popeye! This puzzled me a lot, and I couldn't
find some more information in Inducks. Does anybody know anything more about
this comic? Who wrote it and drew it? What was it about? Why this strange
'team-up'? Why isn't it in Inducks?

Well, I can only say that the US cover gallery was originally created by
former DCML-member Eta Beta, who  
1) is very good at playing with Photoshop
2) has a great sense of humour


(BTW, the Popeye-Phantom Blot cover is not the only "intruder", if I

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