February 2005 Disney comics previews

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Hi all!

Here are the previews for Disney comics from Previews Volume XIV, #12:

Donald Duck and Friends #325 --- One of Carl Barks' most beloved and 
legendary tales, "Lost in the Andes," is reprinted in its entirety in this issue. 
Follow Donald and the nephews as they discover the lost city of "Plane Awful" 
where the natives are real squares and everything is built on the square. 32 
pages, FC $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #274 --- "The Ruby Eye of Omar Guy-Am," one of the 
most requested  of all of Paul Murry's Golden Age Mickey stories, is reprinted 
in this issue, along with Stefan Petrucha and Cesar Feroli's "Steamboat 
Willies," a tribute to guess who, and a Donald Duck short, "Fifty-Cent Frenzy," 
written by John Lustig. 32 pages, FC $2.95

Mickey Mouse Adventures #2 --- (Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!) Three long Disney adventure 
stories: in "Trouble Afoot," Mickey investigates mysterious footprints found 
in the snow around town; and in "River of Time," our dauntless Mouse delves 
into the past as we learn more about Steamboat Willie. Donald Duck in "Arctic 
Antics," rounds out the book. Cover by Noel Van Horn. SC, 128 pages, FC $7.95

Uncle Scrooge #339 --- Don Rosa's "Crown of the Crusader Kings," leads this 
issue which wraps with "The Great Wig Mystery," one of the later Scrooge 
stories by the great Carl Barks. And if that weren't enough, you also get "In Quest 
of the Green Hope," written and drawn by Daniel Branca and Wanda Gattino. 64 
pages, FC $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #654 --- Carl Barks' great, early Duck 
adventure, "Frozen Gold," is the cover feature this issue, with a new cover by Daan 
Jippes. William Van Horn's latest ten-pager, "Busy Bodies," is the lead 
story, with L'il Bad Wolf and Goofy stories by Paul Murry, along with Grandma and 
Mickey tales rounding out the book. 64 pages, FC $6.95

Disney offerings by Tokyopop (no Lizzie McGuire?!?!):

Bambi --- Reflecting an age of innocence and a time of wonder, no film better 
captures the pure magic of Disney than Bambi, the world's most endearing 
animated tale about the beauty of nature and the miracle of life. Nominated for 
three Academy Awards, this immortal blend of classic storytelling and 
unforgettable characters is most fondly remembered as Walt Disny's all-time favorite 
picture. FC, 96 pages, 5x7 7/16" $7.99

Lilo & Stitch: The Series Volume 3 --- Lilo and Stitch have always had fun 
together- but working together is a different story! When expriments 501 and 502 
wreak havoc on the island, the quarreling couple must learn about the 
co-operative forces of yin and yang before trouble reaches the breaking point! Things 
really get shaken up when expriment 513, an earthquake-causing monster, 
"tremorizes" the island! FC, 96 pages, 5 x 7 7/16" $7.99

All in all looks like a great month. Not so sure about "Lost in the Andes" 
taking up all of DDF 325 though. If you've read the story like I have, there's 
nothing new in the book. Then again, splitting up the story over multiple 
issues would be bad too. Hopefully this type of reprint is the exception, because I 
think such long reprints would be more suited to the 64 page books.

And the Steamboat Willie stories are intriguing. Be interesing to see how 
it's all treated in the comic book format.

MMA and DDA, something big to look forward to every month!

Derek Smith
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