DCML Digest, Vol 21, Issue 26 tiff format images

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Mon Nov 29 15:17:46 CET 2004

I rarely reply to messages on the list, but Timo, I think you are off base 
here.  Sure  conversations about scanning may be off topic, but helping another 
member by answering a question about scanning comics for the best image is 
 A Tiff file is another image format, like Jpeg or bitmap.  Scanning and 
saving an image in tiff format results in a smaller file size than if you saved it 
as a jpg, adobe pdf or bitmap image.  (bitmap and pdf images are huge in file 
Any USA members go see Don Rosa at the Columbus comic con this weekend?   I 
had planned to go but didn't make it.  I am glad Mr. Rosa is making appearances 
at US shows and hope he continues.  Martin

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<< >What is "tiff" and how does it prevent data loss?
 >What is desreen filter and moiré -phenomena
 DCML is hardly the place to discuss about these things, since they are quite 
 off topic. Try searching google.com for scanning comics and picture formats.

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