DCML Digest, Vol 20, Issue 10

Richard lerichard at free.fr
Sun Oct 10 14:47:08 CEST 2004

Le dimanche 10 Octobre 2004 13:05, Donald D. Markstein a écrit :
> I hope Inducks will do the responsible thing and add that strips (at
> least three but it may very well be more) definitely exist after that
> date, now that the fact is known beyond doubt, so nobody else assumes
> it's correct.

I'm not speaking for the Inducks team in this email, and this will be the 
decision of the strip index maintainer (or the decision's team), but even 
though we want to make things as clear as possible, there are things we may 
not want to do. The first problem is that adding general information like 
that is not easy to do in a database structure. The second problem regards 
the reason of the request. The database goal is not to prevent others making 
mistakes. If people can't check Inducks accurately because they don't want to 
spend more than 10 seconds looking at our indexes, they will likely interpret 
it wrongly, but that's their fault, not ours. You have to take a complete 
look at our indexing rules and the entire inducks.org site if you want not 
make mistake (I'm not referring to the original person on this mailing list 
who asked if the above April 1993 strip was the last one, as he didn't 
interpret it wrongly, just asked a question).

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