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Martin Olsen martino at
Sun Oct 10 15:04:07 CEST 2004

> Inducks lists Donald Sunday strips up to 1998, but none of the strips 
> after 1993 is listed as published anywhere, so it is possible that the 
> strips do not exist and that they should be removed from Inducks listings.
> Inducks reference:
> Stefan

I have some pages from Sunday comic sections from American newspapers published in the 1990'es.
The last one I have is dated 6-21 1998, and it has a Mickey Mouse.
Another one, dated 12-31 1995 has both a Mickey Mouse and a Donald Duck.
This does not necessarily mean that new strips were produced (they may be reprints), but I haven't checked these in detail. Thomas Jensen knows more about them.

The last Mickey Mouse daily strip I have (in electronic form) is dated 3-11 2000, and it is in the middle of a continuity as it has Mickey hanging suspended over a large container filled with marshmallow sauerkraut casserole while Emil Eagle is getting ready to activate his earthquake machine.

So, at least King Features continued distributing MM and DD strips beyond 1993, but as I said, it has to be checked if they are reprints. They should not be removed from Inducks listings, but these need to be filled in with the details.


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