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Fri Oct 22 23:06:12 CEST 2004

Hi all!

Over at Scoop (or Scoop! as they say) they posted several photos of the 
Gladstone offices and staff. Gary and Susan Daigle-Leach sent them in (except for a 
present day picture sent by Tom Gordon III). People such as the Leachs (or 
Leaches? not sure if that would change the spelling or not), Carl Barks, Bruce 
Hamilton, John Clark, Byron Erickson, and Steve Calrow are pictured. 

It was really great to see all this, as I haven't ever seen photos of some of 
the people featured. You see a name for so many years (for me, in this case 
Erickson and Calrow), nice to put a face with it. So follow the link and enjoy!

Derek Smith
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