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>>>Over at Scoop (or Scoop! as they say) they posted several photos of the Gladstone offices and staff. Gary and Susan Daigle-Leach sent
>>>them in (except for a present day picture sent by Tom Gordon III). People such as the Leachs (or Leaches? not sure if that would change
>>>the spelling or not), Carl Barks, Bruce Hamilton, John Clark, Byron Erickson, and Steve Calrow are pictured. 

Thanks to anyone who submitted the pictures !
There have been a few pictures of  staff memebers in the softcover Library albums (I don't remember which ones exactly), but none of  these.

I remember the building & entrance lobby very well (and the corridor beyond that)-- all those Barks lithographs everywhere on the walls, several meters high !
After discoering a couple of  Gladstone Disney comics somewhere in California in '94, I resolved to stop in Prescott, Az, in '95. I purchased the Mickey Mouse 1930's strip album (yellow edition), subscribed to the DDA & WDC&S libraries, and went back carrying the first (10?) issues of  the WDC&S library.

I am not sure who I met. It may have been Janet Dvorak. Very nice, anyway-- as everyone I've had on the phone or read from here has always been.

It's a good opportunity for thanking the Gladstone team for the years of  very high quality comics and albums they have produced, and some of  them are now still producing at Gemstone: thanks for your committment to publishing the comics, thanks for the design, layout and editing, thanks for the highly interesting, educated & educative articles, and thanks for the great color!

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