Swedish mini Disney comics in Göteborgs kex

Ola Martinsson (AS/EAB) ola.martinsson at ericsson.com
Mon Oct 25 14:28:22 CEST 2004

Hi !

In Sweden there is a biscuit manufacturer, Göteborgs kex, that includes a mini Disney comic in each package. There are in all 15 different comics. I have talked to Göteborgs kex and they claim that all the comics should be available and by random distributed in the packages. Now I have bought 11 packages over a period of about six months and this is the outcome. I have gotten #2 4 of this, #3 1 of this, #4 2 of this and #7 4 of this. 
I'm no statistics expert but isn't the probabability very small for my outcome ?

Do you who also have bought these experience the same thing ?

Is anyone here willing to trade or sell the missing numbers with me ?

Ola in cloudy Stockholm +7 and windy, the leaves are falling fast now.

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