DCML Digest, Vol 20, Issue 26

KUR ggk at wp.pl
Mon Oct 25 18:50:24 CEST 2004

> I think that Flintheart Glomgold could still be a "hero" by Dawson City's 
> standards and still be IN character. After all, >Dawson City is filled 
> with scum like Soapy Slick whom the men admire. I wouldn't be surprised if 
> the people there would >consider a man like Flintheart one of their own 
> and sent him off to rescue Goldie among other "heroes." Of course, I could 
>  >be wrong.

I agre. Pepole of Dowson are gready and cheater's, Glomgold is a perfect 
Idol and Hero for theam. It would be interesting if he team up with Soapy 
Slick (they bouth have sow many incoming )

Personly I would love see Scrooge having a battel obaut Goldie with 
Flintherart (just like on "Duck Tales") and It would  be a nice chance since 
Scrooge would be the "Bad" one and Glomegold "good" one in this story.

(as wee can see Don Rosa was planing to yous Flinthy agian in "Chapter 11". 
See : 
http://personal.sdf.bellsouth.net/d/a/danshane/scroopage/los295_2.htm )

I'm happy that New Rosa story is coming.

And by the way : In "Heart's of Yukon" Goldie mention Mr. Benfield Stil, 
something bout Scrooge spend time telling here (when she was kidnap) some 
horrible Scottish Joke's.

Now, I now it was just a gag but I wonder will we here theme in this story.

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