DCML Digest, Vol 20, Issue 26

Olaf Solstrand olaf.solstrand at andebyonline.com
Mon Oct 25 19:59:55 CEST 2004

KUR <ggk at wp.pl> skreiv Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:50:24 +0200

> I agre. Pepole of Dowson are gready and cheater's, Glomgold is a perfect  
> Idol and Hero for theam.

Hm ... But wouldn't such a rescue be something arranged by the government  
and not by the villagers of Dawson? Or did I misunderstand everything?  
When Don talked about heroes, I thought he meant... People like Steele!

> It would be interesting if he team up with Soapy Slick (they bouth have  
> sow many incoming )

Ah, finally understood what you meant with "sow many incoming". :-) Hm ...  
For some reason, I doubt any of them would leave the other one in charge.  
Can't really see any of them beeing too happy with an equal partnership,  

> (as wee can see Don Rosa was planing to yous Flinthy agian in "Chapter  
> 11". See :  
> http://personal.sdf.bellsouth.net/d/a/danshane/scroopage/los295_2.htm )

Ah, this is a good place to mention the real reason I, as a creator of  
personal opinions, hope Don won't use Flintheart in this story. In  
"Second-richest Duck", Scrooge seems to never have met Glomgold before.  
OK, I've read the comments to Life of Scrooge #6 - and yes, it's possible  
that if they met once and Glomgold never introduced himself, Scrooge  
wouldn't recognize him. But if they met over and over and over and over?  
I'm sorry, but that would practically make Glomgold a life-long nemesis of  
Scrooge. Which he's not. As far as Scrooge is concerned, the string  
encounter on the ship to Africa in the sixties was their first meeting.  
Scrooge has no memories whatsoever of meeting Glomgold before that - so,  
if they have met more than once, I ... sorry, I think that's enough. I  
don't think that Glomgold has anything to do in "Scrooge's past"-stories -  
I can sigh and accept that he's been used once, but even more than that?  
Please don't.


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