The Mystery of Diamond Mountain

Arthur Faria Jr. afaria at
Fri Sep 10 05:04:54 CEST 2004

> Has anybody ever thought how funny it is that in the Mickey Mouse
adventure "The Mystery of Diamond Mountain", every possible object that can
be is made out of diamonds, yet our heros escape by sawing through a set of
simple steel bars on the window?
> W. F. Nolan, you dissapoint me.
> dp

I think William F. Nolan (and Charles Beaumont) were quite
logical with this story. Diamond is the *hardest* material
of the world, but not the *strongest*. In other words, a
diamond can cut anything (even other diamond), but the same
diamond can be broken or smashed very easily (e.g. with a
simple hammer); But please don't try to do that! It'd be a
very expensive experience! :-).

So, steel is the logical choice for jail bars, not diamonds.
Of course, the villain of this story didn't know that Mickey
was clever enough to realize that a knife made out of diamonds
could cut those bars. ;-)

-- Arthur.

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