DCML Digest Issue 10

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Sep 10 15:46:20 CEST 2004

> From: "Anthony Vuono" <avuono at UDel.Edu>
> Subject: New Story Yet?
>>>>> Dear Don Rosa:
>>>>> Did you decide what story you will write and draw next?

 No, I just got home three days ago and I'm STILL trying to catch up. In the
two weeks I was gone, I've received "emergency" orders for drawings and
texts for Denmark, Germany and Finland. I'm also busy writing texts and
answering questions about the 2nd Rosa HALL OF FAME volume, a new Lo$ book
in Greece, and Rosa stories to appear in Gemstones and German albums. In a
few hours I leave for Baltimore to appear at a comic convention for Gemstone
Comics. And I'm trying to organize and coordinate other promotional trips to
Chicago, Sweden, Norway and Greece all within the next 2 months!!!!! And all
the while still answer the ongoing flood of e-mail from the rest of the
world.... fans, newspapers in Brazil, editors in France, bookfairs in
Sweden, etc., etc.! I have finally lost control. There's no time left to
write and draw stories. ALL of my time is now filled with being so famous
for writing and drawing stories that I have no time to write and draw
stories. This is when a wealthy writer/artist hires an assistant. No can do
I'm not sure how soon I can get this under control since it keeps coming at
me fresh every day. Maybe in about a month or so........

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