DAVID, HARRY: The Three Musketeers

David Gerstein ramapith at mail.dk
Tue Sep 14 16:01:53 CEST 2004

	Oops, I earlier sent a letter to the DCML that should have gone 
someplace else. Sounded like a misbegotten briefing on national 

> A lot of information I pass along to the private DDB-list [...] is NOT 
> material I want to make public on the DCML.

	To explain: the DDB-list, where my letter should have gone, is the 
mailing list where the Inducks team discusses its comics indexing work. 
On it I at times discuss story credits that I learned from old 
documents at Egmont. Or from looking through dusty Disney documents on 
S-code production. Or from freelancing on the new Gemstone comics (so I 
knew a story code on the recent "Musketeers" adaptation, though it was 
published codeless in Italy).
	Since some of my older data is not 100% certain, or because in some 
cases Egmont asked me to share it only with other indexers, I need to 
keep much of the information private at first, DDB-list only. The end 
results ARE public, though, and DCML members can access them through 

	Best, David

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