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Tue Sep 14 16:03:30 CEST 2004

Hello everyone. I joined the list because I have a question I'm hoping 
someone can answer. I am not a comic book collector, but in fact I collect toy cash 

I purchased two 1950's Uncle Scrooge comic books because they have cash 
registers on the front. One is 1958 # 22 and has scrooge with a cash register 
briefcase and the other is 1952 #2 and has Scrooge playing a cash register shaped 
piano. Both published by Dell. This second one is the one I have a question 
about which you can see a photo of on my Wish List page below.

I bought on eBay what appears to be a later reproduction of the 1952 comic, 
with the same picture on the front but using a different colored background 
which is pink. It was published by Whitman in the 1980's (based on dates inside) 
and is numbered #183 although the original copyright date is inside.

I'd like to know why Disney printed a reproduction of this early comic. I h
ave never seen it before on eBay although I see the original fairly often. 

Thanks very much for any thoughts!

~ Cybele


Cybèle Elaine Werts  

I suppose you'd have to say that my interest in the subject falls somewhere 
between the land of hobbies and the Kingdom of Obsession.
~ Stephen King, in Everything's Eventual

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