Orange Juice Gags H.W.Fluks at
Tue Sep 14 19:54:08 CEST 2004

Bob Foster replied to Lars:

> << When were the gags made? 
> I'm guessing around 1991-92, maybe somewhere in there. If I 
> get lucky and can dig up one from my storage locker I can 
> look for a date. 

That would be very helpful for our Inducks index!

> << How many did you and Van Horn create? Were they all used?
> I think I did three or four (or six?) and they were all used, 
> but not all at once. As I recall they appeared over a period 
> of about a year. 

According to what we know thus far, there were 6 gags in 2 batches (?).

Hm... I don't even remember where we got the information in the first

> Thanks for asking.

Thanks for answering! 8-)


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