help: where is Donald's car?

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at
Wed Sep 15 00:05:32 CEST 2004

This is not a quiz, and does not relate to Barks
or Rosa or Strobl stories -- but we're looking
for the Norwegian-made #313, the real McCoy 
"human-sized" Donald's car! It was last seen (in public)
a couple of years ago at an exhbition in Oslo, I think.
And now we'd like to find / borrow / rent it again!
Help us, quickly! 

"We" are the ad hoc Propaganda Proliferation 
Probarxian Programme Committee that organises
the Grandiose Bark Exhibition & Barks Events
at the "Serieteket" public library, with official opening
next Wednesday at 15:00 -- see this week's Donald
Duck & Co., 175,000 copies spread over Norway,
which gives a couple of facts for these events
(and see my posting to the DCML of September 1).
Kanskje kommer Kongen? And perhaps the
Brutopian ambassadeur? 

The Opening will have press & media and some
official representatives from Egmont and the Public
Library and (we believe) the Finnish owner of most
of the exhibits and the Finnish curator and a professor
of history giving an overview of Barks' life and a couple 
of musicians and the publisher-author-rikssynser 
Anders Heger to give a weighty introductory speech.

But we would like to locate & borrow / steal / rent
Donald's #313. Does anyone know where it is? 
Please mail me. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

... who will also give further information a little later,
about the programme for the Barks Wednesdays
at Serieteket, every Wednesday 18:00 -- 20:00
(yes, it says "17 - 19" in Donald Duck & Co., but
the time window has been moved). 

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