Donald Duck orange juice & Van Horn

John Lustig john at
Wed Sep 15 01:09:27 CEST 2004

At the request of Bob Foster, I got in touch with Bill Van Horn and here's
what he remembers about the Donald Duck orange juice ads he drew:

Bill thinks he did four cartoons written by Bob Foster. Before that, he
believes there was one Donald Duck orange juice cartoon that he did that was
possibly written by Mike Royer.

So, in total, he did five cartoons.

Bill's memory of content and the characters used is a bit different than
Bob's. He doesn't remember using Uncle Scrooge or Launchpad. He thinks all
of the ads featured Donald. He remembers Daisy being in one. He thinks one
of the cartoons featured a camping trip, another featured a locker room
scene; and another had a story with a door-to-door sales gag.

He thinks he did them in 1992 or 1993.

I hope that's helpful!

Best Wishes,
John Lustig
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