Not-so-Ancient Mariner

Stefan Diös pyas at
Fri Apr 1 12:30:13 CEST 2005


>There’s also one more thing I’d like to know. In Finnish edition 
>translator has omitted Colerdge for once and all: the jury asks Donald to 
>recite all-made-up generic poem “night at the sea” (Yö merellä). So, no 
>mention of Coleridge at all there. Non whatsoever. Nix. How is it with 
>other translations? Page 3 panel 6.

In Sweden, the poem is named but not the poet:

"Läs upp de båda sista versraderna i tjugonde strofen av 'Den gamle 

Possibly due to space limitation; the balloon is already filled upp nicely 
and might look crowded if Coleridge's name was inserted.

Stefan Diös
Malmö / Stockholm, Sweden

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