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Sat Apr 2 22:22:38 CEST 2005

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<<Last month I read a  discussion which did not make much sense to me. 
However, after
receiving the  following mails I understand that, from the side of Mr. Rosa, 
there  consist
feelings of intense personal hatred against fans that have different  than 
only positive
feed-back on his work. I do understand that it will never  be pleasant to 
criticism on your work, nonetheless I think that such  a generalizing mail as 
this can be
considered somewhat  unprofessional.>>

to which it would be, if what you quoted were his  real feelings.

you're right- the discussion last month obviously didnt  make any sense to 
you need to re-read it again,maybe it will be  clearer then

Steven Rowe (or am i falling for troll bait again?)  

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