peculiar mails

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Sat Apr 2 22:32:54 CEST 2005

Nils Bäckström wrote:

>Last month I read a discussion which did not make much sense to me. However, after
>receiving the following mails I understand that, from the side of Mr. Rosa, there consist
>feelings of intense personal hatred against fans that have different than only positive
>feed-back on his work. I do understand that it will never be pleasant to receive
>criticism on your work, nonetheless I think that such a generalizing mail as this can be
>considered somewhat unprofessional.
Ah, you missed the part that the original message was an obvious prank. 
And I see no reason why private replies to such a foolishness should be 
"professional" anyway. I doubt there are no regulations on how 
freelancer writer/artists should reply to crazy fans in their private 
mail. Whole "generalizing" part was just a test to see if there was some 
prankter behind the message, which was the case. What comes to "Bomer", 
it is not part of common courtesy to spread other people's mail without 
asking a permission. Should Rosa share some private messages he has 
received over the years, some hypocrites would probably be all over him 
for doing that - now that someone does it to him, few people seem to 
mind. Curses of being famous...

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