Daniel van Eijmeren and list moderation (Was Re: Boemer affair)

Tor Kinlok tor at kinlok.name
Mon Apr 4 21:11:24 CEST 2005

> I am writing this from an internet cafe in Amsterdam and am currently 
> wearing sunglasses.
> We all know that DanYel VaN eIjMMMeren and Nils Backstrom are the same 
> person and that the infamous
> Boemer has been Daniel's lover for 23 years. But there is something 
> else more secret and frightening in the
> so-called Boemer affair. I have been a closefriend of many people 
> involved in this affair, and I have
> decided to reveal some of the things I know. I will reveal part of it 
> on May 7, 2005. For now I prefer to
> leave. There are too many policemen in the area, the place is too 
> dangerous.
> If I don't write anything on may 7 2005 it means they got me. One of 
> my lawyers in Kayman Island has
> instructions in a closed letter as to where the proof documents are 
> located and will reveal it.

In all the noise generated by the Daniel van Eijmeren vomit, this post 
was the best of the lot and the only one intentionally funny.  That's 
what DCML needs - more funny stuff that makes us laugh!

I can't be the only one requesting a moderator for this list.  I don't 
want to unsubscribe because there are invaluable posts by some members. 
  But can't there be some way to filter out blatanly off topic 
discussions, insidious trolls, flame wars, and the many faces of Daniel 
van Eijmeren?  We can't sit by and let one person continue his deluded 
and paranoid plot.  I wonder if it's driving members off and possibly 
killing the list.

I've got to say that I'm amazed at the restraint and maturity that the 
victim of Daniel's malignings is exhibiting by ignoring the whole 
fiasco and not slapping a court order on this nutjob.  My respect for 
the man has been driven to new heights.

I've been trying to ignore the whole thing myself, hoping that it would 
go away - but it hasn't.  My apologies for descending into the fray and 
contributing to it.  But it's driving me nuts!  Can't we just get this 
guy off the list or something?  Or are his malicious rantings a 
permanent price to pay for list membership?

- Tor

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