Little Lulu

Cord Wiljes cord at
Thu Apr 14 23:48:59 CEST 2005

sr wrote:

> Western while good, didnt keep stats for everything - LITTLE 
> LULU fans have been upset by the recent reprint book that 
> has reinked stories.  

This current inexepensive edition was my first contact with John
Stanley's "Little Lulu". And, what can I say, I immediately fell in
love. Anybody who likes Barks' Ten Pagers in WDS&S or Charles Schultz'
"Peanuts" should check out Little Lulu.

You say they were reinked? Not knowing the original I did not notice any
loss in quality. Do you know on what basis the 6 Sets printet by Another
Rainbow in the same design as the original b/w Barks Library were done?
Did AR have access to stats?


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