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>This current inexepensive edition was my first contact with John
>Stanley's "Little Lulu". And, what can I say, I immediately fell in
>love. Anybody who likes Barks' Ten Pagers in WDS&S or Charles Schultz'
>"Peanuts" should check out Little Lulu.
>You say they were reinked? Not knowing the original I did not notice any
>loss in quality. Do you know on what basis the 6 Sets printet by Another
>Rainbow in the same design as the original b/w Barks Library were done?
>Did AR have access to stats?
The AR sets had tracked art for the first two sets, so up to issue #21. 
So the the
artists they used were pretty good and you can only tell it is tracked 
art if you look
closely. Some were pretty bad and it is really easy to tell, 
particularly when you look
at the lettering.

I am glad DH is putting out these collections, and I hope they sell a 
ton, but I find
I much prefer to read the original comics with the real artwork and it 
color, it really
adds to the comics, imo


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