DCML Digest, Vol 26, Issue 18

David Gerstein gdavid at gemstonepub.com
Fri Apr 15 16:54:18 CEST 2005


> sr wrote:
>> Western while good, didnt keep stats for everything - LITTLE 
>> LULU fans have been upset by the recent reprint book that 
>> has reinked stories.  
> You say they were reinked? Not knowing the original I did not 
> notice any loss in quality. Do you know on what basis the 6 Sets 
> printed by Another Rainbow in the same design as the original b/w
> Barks Library were done? Did AR have access to stats?

	AR had access to stats for most Lulu stories, but NOT all (Western
had lost material to a handful of issues). So a number of stories, in whole
or in part, ended up having to be traced to create new versions for the LLL.
	Today, graphic designers working with computers can recreate more
authentic versions of stories like these, by scanning in the original comics
pages and electronically removing the color. A laborious effort, but it

	That said, Dark Horse seems to be getting their material by simply
xeroxing the LLL versions.

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