Numerous questions and comments about Gemstone

Jano Rohleder jano.rohleder at
Sun Apr 24 19:41:52 CEST 2005

Lars Jensen wrote:

>So to sum up: Gemstone are cheapskates, and I and most other Egmont
>creators who work on the pocketbook stories are hacks, non-talents
>and/or idiots. And you give Bancells an honorary mention.

Sorry if you took my comment personally. I don't say that the story writers are idiots or that they are untalented or
whatever. I'm just saying that the *plots* of those Egmont stories (especially if written by Pat & Carol McGreal) often
seem to be idiotic and - in comparison to majority of the Italian stories - quite strange.
Especially when it comes to Mickey. I don't remember exactly which story it was or who the author was, but some time ago
in a story (probably drawn by Joaquin or Xavi) Mickey jumps out of a flying plane and in the next panel you see him
falling towards the ground with a very, very idiotic grin and screaming "Hurray! Finally I'm save!".
As a fan of good Mickey stories you have to say "What the heck?" when you read something like this.
Or another example. In a story, someone sends Mickey an elephant. So, what to do with it? No doubt that the "normal"
Mickey would say "How can I get rid of it?". But no way - Mickey is excited and screams joyfully "Oh, that's soooo cool!
I'm gonna take an elephantback-ride through the city and play a trick on Goofy with my new friend!".

Now, see what I mean with idiotic plots?

And - regarding Gemstone - i did in absolutely no way say that they were tightwads. It's a fact that Gemstone is not a
very large publisher (comic book series with the sales figure of the American Disney comics would be cancelled here in
Germany because it's not profitable) and therefore they have to think rational.
I love their publications and have them (and I mean all of them) imported every month. But this doesn't affect my
disappointment in the pocket books.

Again, I'm sorry if my comments did offend you, but you've obviously taken them too personally and by that the wrong


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