Fw: The "Dark Ages" without Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse

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I hope DCML is back online

Don Rosa wrote:
>>>Gottfredson's comics---they were never reprinted anywhere when I was growing up

For those of us that grew up during the 1940's (a dwindling number) and could sometimes afford the 10 cents to buy a WDC&S,  we were almost always treated to a Gottfredson story. This was mainly before the Dell symbol was added to the cover. As Don indicates, the later Dell and then the Gold Key and Whitman comics were absent of Gottfredson until reappearing in the 1980's with the Gladstone comics.

For those that may not have seen it, an excellent review by David Gerstein including sample strips of Gottfredson's work is located under Creators reached from the DCML home page. Compilations of Gotttfredson's stories can be found in hard cover albums. "Mickey Mouse In Color" has 8 complete stories and "Mickey Mouse - best comics" has 10 additional stories and 1 repeat of the other book. These books occasionally appear for sale on Ebay. I have also seen them on the Barnes and Noble web site bn.com under out of print/used books under author Gottfredson.
Marvin Winitz 
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