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I'm looking for all the story's of Don Rosa and  I already found a lot, but still some story's are missing.

Who is willing to scan a story for me or point me to a link of that story on Internet?

This is my list of missing story's (in English):

- Fir-Tree Fracas
- Last sled to Dawson
- The Crocodile Collector
- Fortune on the Rocks
- The Curse of Nostrildamus

- Well-Educated Duck
- Give unto others
- On A Silver Platter
- The Money Pit
- The Master Landschapist

- The Duck Who Fell to Earth
- Return to Xanadu
- War of the Wendigo
- The Sigh of the Triple Distelfink
- A Little Something Special

- Escape from Frobidden Valley
- Quest for Kalevala
- Attaaaaaack!
- The Crown of the Crusader Kings
- Forget It!

- Gyro's First Invention
- The Dream of a Lifetime
- Trash and Treasure
- The Black Knight Glorps again

(If you are willing to scan a story and send it to my emailaddress, I can send you other story's of Don Rosa in return.) 

Thanks in advance,

Bram van der Sanden
bram.vandersanden at
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