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>>Is 2005 the 75th anniversary for the publication of the very, very
 first Disney Comic?
The first disney comic was written by Walt himself and drawn by Ub Iwerks. It consisted of newspaper strips distributed by King Features beginning January 13.1930.

The first disney magazine was published later that year by Bibo and Lang Co.and called "Mickey Mouse Book". It comprised 15 pages of games, song verses, illustrations, and some reprinted newspaper strips.

In 1931, the first disney comic book was published by David McKay Co. and called "Mickey Mouse Comic No. 1". It consisted of 52 pages of which nearly all were reprinted newspaper strips. During the next 3 years. Nos. 2,3,and 4 were published.    

In January 1933, Kay Kamen began publication of the "Mickey Mouse Magazine" which continued on monthly until October 1940 when the name was changed to the present "Walt Disney Comics and Stories". The Mickey Mouse Magazine evolved through several formats. At first the comics included were mostly one panel black and white illustrations, and none of the newspaper strips were reprinted. However, the last of these magazines,Sept. 1940 comprised almost all color reprinted newspaper strips as did the first WDC&S.  
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