Life And Times Of Scrooge book

Adel Khan adel.khan at
Sun Jan 2 16:10:35 CET 2005

Dear Mr.Leach,
  I came back from my trip to France,Paris.I was going back to my hotel after sight seeing on a subway.I saw a girl holding a paperback book of Don Rosa"s "Life and times Of Scrooge Mc Duck".I saw the inside of the book it reprinted the cover for Uncle Scrooge 285 on the other side it had the sources where Don Rosa got the ideas for the first chapter and it was the same for each chapter not the information but the outline.
I was wondering if Gemstone would do the same thing.When would the LOS book be out the same time Somewhere In Nowhere would be out.Are u and the rest of the Gemstone crew still working on it.I can"t wait till Gemstone prints it in one book. 


Adel Khan

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