Silence acsive at
Thu Jan 13 21:13:05 CET 2005

Gosh, there's been awfully quiet here this last week! The only reason I could 
see I was not kicked of the list was google-groups where every single posting 
shows up. 

There's a new Rosa-story due out in the next 3 issues of the scandinavian 
Which reminds me - Gerstein asked about the the black knight glorps again - I 
saw the first part online too, and wondered who was doing that. (It was 
translated from swedish I think). I do hope it will show up in the gemstone US 
sometime this year - like the two Templar-stories. 

BTW could one of you remind me where I see the planned contets of the coming 
issues?? :-) I receive 4 different issues every month. - Did they publish a 
christmas parade this time? I haven't seen anything about it...


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