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Fri Jan 14 11:37:45 CET 2005

Posted by AC:
BTW could one of you remind me where I see the planned contets of the coming 
issues?? :-) I receive 4 different issues every month. - Did they publish a 
christmas parade this time? I haven't seen anything about it...

I post previews for upcoming Gemstone comics every month. Just look at the 
various month's lists by author and when you see my group of posts, I'll have a 
title like "March 2005 Gemstone Comic Book Previews" or something like that. 
Below is the latest one: 

Don posted:
Did I somehow fall off the list? I haven't seen it in over a week.

Quack, Don

First rule about the list is that you don't talk about the list. ;) There, 
I've contributed a lame Fight Club (a movie I haven't seen by the way) reference 
like everyone else of my age range. :p

Derek Smith
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