Scamp's siblings

Lars Jensen lpj at
Thu Jan 27 12:54:51 CET 2005

Halvor wrote:

> Looking at what's written about Scamp's siblings in INDUCKS, I see
> that Scamp has two sisters and one brother, even if I believe many
> people think that he has 3 sisters. See
> Where does this information come from, is it told in the original
> movie?

I've talked to David Gerstein about this a few times. It seems Ward
Greene, creator of Lady and the Tramp, in the newspaper comics
established that the siblings consist of two sisters (Fluffy and Ruffy)
and one brother (Scooter). In the Dell comics and the direct-to-video
sequel "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's adventure" all three siblings
were girls.

Since the comic book stories and the movie sequel are considerably
better remembered these days than the newspaper strip is, it's pretty
understandable why the prevalent opinion is that the siblings are all


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