April 2005 Gemstone Comic Previews

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Hi all!

Here are the Gemstone comics to be released in April from Previews Volume XV 

Donald Duck and Friends #327 --- Donald goes to all lengths - even posing as 
a little girl - to beat the boys in a kite-flying contest in Carl Barks' 
classic "Kite Weather." Then, in two modern tales, Mickey faces the "Mysteries of 
Ancient Egypt" and Donald encounters "The Giant From Outer Space," which wrap 
up the issue. 32 pages, FC $2.95

Mickey Mouse Adevntures #3 --- Three long Disney adventure stories: Mickey 
Mouse in "Out of Sites," by writer Stefan Petrucha and artists Joaquin; Donald 
Duck in "Dead Letter Donald," by writer Michael T. Gilbert and artist Miguel; 
and Mickey again in "Captain Fracasse," by writer Augusto Maccheto and artist 
Sergio Asteriti. Cover art by Noel Van Horn. 128 pages, FC $7.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #276 --- A vintage Paul Murry Mickey adventure, "The 
Sign of the Squid," from Mickey Mouse #44, leads this issue, followed by a 
Burbank-produced Al Hubbard Donald and Fethry classic, "Pop Goes the Art," 
unpublished in the US until now. A new Goofy story, "Muffler's Muff," wraps the 
book. 32 pages, FC $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #341 --- Carl Barks' "Magic Hourglass" leads this book - a 
story in which Scrooge attributes his wealth to the mythical trinket of the title. 
Often considered an apochyrphal story, Gary Leach and William Van Horn have 
come up with a new framing sequence to explain it. Barks, Branca, and Scarpa 
(Yay!!! A trend!!) tales balance the issue. 64 pages, FC $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #656 --- William Van Horn's latest 
ten-pager, "Cruisin' For a Bruisn'," portrays Donald's escapades while engaging in a 
Junior Woodchucks' sand dune sail boat event. A vintage Li'L Bad Wolf story, as 
well as modern stories featuring Mickey, Donald, Horace, Grandma, and Daisy's 
nieces - April, May and June - round out the book. 64 pages, FC $6.95

Also, Vacation Parade #1 is being reoffered. To Gary, etc.: Is a Vacation 
Parade #2 being planned for this summer?

A pretty good month. I'm looking forward to whatever the Scarpa story is in 
US 341.

Derek Smith
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