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> As you can see, only the 12 original chapters are included, not the  
> later additional chapters.

A point of order: there are no additional chapters of Lo$. The twelve  
chapters presented in Gemstone's collected Lo$ are the complete saga  
as envisioned by Don Rosa. Certainly, Don has done further stories  
based on the Lo$, but they should be regarded as "Tales from the Lo 
$", not as chapters of the official saga. (The "chapter" designations  
for these stories are for continuity reference - in the literary  
sense they are meaningless.)

The virtue of the "Tales" angle is that Don can tell a story based on  
any particular aspect of the Lo$ that he likes, while not being  
locked into advancing the overall saga. One can have an awful lot of  
fun with that sort of thing, and from the number of these stories  
Don's done I have to suspect he's quite enjoyed it.

But these stories must exist in their own milieu. To try to plug them  
into the official saga as actual chapters would severely damage the  
very carefully worked out narrative structure and pace Don created  
for the 12 official chapters. On the other hand, their intimate  
connection to the official Lo$ makes it imperative to collect them  
into a companion volume - and I'm as eager as anyone else to have one.

So rest easy; all the previous yammer really only leads to my saying  
that Gemstone has every intention of collecting the "Tales". The  
tricky part is that Don isn't done doing these stories, so we can't  
be sure how complete this companion volume will be. To coin a phrase,  
stay tuned.

> By the way, as far as I know, a limited hardbound edition is  
> planned for release at a later point.

No yammer - this, as stated, is true. We do anticipate the hardbound  
edition having additional and/or revised editorial material, so it  
won't be a strict duplication of the trade paperback. And as for it  
being limited - or having a special limited version - that remains to  
be seen.


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