A holiday week

H.W.Fluks@telecom.tno.nl H.W.Fluks at telecom.tno.nl
Wed Jul 20 18:07:25 CEST 2005

This week I have been doing some travelling, since it's my holiday.
Usually I just head in a direction and see where I end up (also
depending on the weather).

On Saturday, I ended up in Brussels, Belgium (Mattias: I even was near
your home, but I didn't have your exact address, and chances that you
were home would be small anyway). I found a new PICSOU MAGAZINE there,
with Rosa's "Magnificent 7 Caballeros" story that I hadn't read before.

Yesterday, I ended up in Oberhausen (in Germany), and I bought some Rosa
albums in a comic shop there.
One of them contained "The Back Knight Glorps Again", which I hadn't
read either.

Last week, a new Dutch EXTRA DONALD DUCK EXTRA printed "A Letter From
Home". I also recently read that story in a Gemstone comic.

So within a month, I read new Rosa stories in 4 languages: English,
French, German, and Dutch! 8-)
Quite an enjoyable way to spend a holiday...

And expected in the shops tomorrow: a new BESTE VERHALEN album with
Barks' "How Green Was My Lettuce".
This version will reprint the 2 panels drawn by Rosa to fill in a blank.
The panels were scanned from the original Gladstone comic, and
colour-separated (all done by Inducks enthousiasts).

Apostolis: according to your Inducks index, these 2 panels are on the
cover of the Greek KOMIX 51. Is that true?


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