Death in Disney comics

Ole Damgaard post at
Wed Jul 20 18:59:33 CEST 2005

20/7 2005 Derek Smith wrote:

After reading the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck TPB, the deaths of 
Scrooge's parents led me to wonder how has death been portrayed in other 
Disney comic stories. Being Disney comics, I assume it hasn't/can't show up 
in the form of murder or anything gruesome like that (perhaps some very 
early 30's Gottfredson strips?), but I wonder if death has ever had an 
element in Disney stories in the form of illness, natural causes, etc. I 
couldn't really think of any examples beyond LO$, so perhaps some of you 

Perhaps you know about it allready, but in the 1930's Gottfredson daily 
strip, Mickey tries to commit suicide in several different ways, because of 
Minnies flirt with Mr. Slicker.

I've found some scans of the suicide-story at this german website: .
Scary stuff!


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