Death in Disney comics

Santiago García saturno3x1 at
Fri Jul 22 12:34:39 CEST 2005

Yet I think of three more examples of deaths in Bark's

-The seven cities of Cibola: HDL translates from a
wall the story of the last citicens of the city who
died of a disease brought by the Spanish conquerors.
-The old castle's secret: When caught, hands up,
Soctty Terrier reveals he is not who he claimed to be,
and insinuates the actual Scotty had already died (If
I remember well).
-A thrilling scene in 'The horseradish story', when
the ducks are on a raft trying to keep it floating,
and the find the bad guy, Scrooge is *just about* to
let him drown to protect his money. (This is not a
real death, of corse, but the only mention of it in
this scene always thrilled me).



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