DCML Digest Issue 16

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Jul 28 16:41:15 CEST 2005

> From: Poul Sp?rhage Fr?kj?r <pfr at vestas.com>
> Subject: Is Don selling his stuff?
> Hi guys -check out this link (ebay): 
> http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdonrosacollection
> -or is it a hoax?

No hoax -- a dealer friend in California is selling, on commission, all of
my comics from 1970-1990. Those are what I regard as the "new" comics from
an era that I care little about. Obviously I would be selling them
eventually in order to retire, but all of my dealer pals tell me that now is
the time to do so if I want to make more retirement money off the investors
in high grade comics (as mine were all bought off the stands and are in near
mint shape). I still certainly have all of my 1940-1969 comics and am still
constantly adding to that collection every day!
Also, to anticipate a question, no, I did not get rid of any of my
Gladstones due to my love of that company and as it's the product of my
friend Bruce Hamilton (RIP)... I'll never give those up. But I did dump all
of my "Disney Comics" (as the publisher) Disney comics, not caring to keep
those around. If someone wants "Don Rosa's personal Disney Comics
collection", the entire set to keep together, you should contact Steve Wyatt
through that link above. Those are very recent, dirt cheap comics -- I
wouldn't think they'd cost much (though he is setting the prices, I have
nothing to do with sales). (I guess there would be some issues that would
not be in there, such as the WDC&S issues that are part of the legitimate
numbered run which I shouldn't sell a section out of.) The comics he decided
to "slab" to sell to investors (NOT fans) are those from the early-mid 70's
that are scarcer in NM shape. (But he needs to improve his auction pics --
don't bother to suggest that to me, I've already written to him about that.
The auctions just started last Sunday night.)

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