1995-1999 archives lost forever?

Kai Saarto ksaarto at mbnet.fi
Fri Jul 29 15:43:13 CEST 2005

Olivier wrote:

> Hello Kai!
> (somehow I thought it was "Kari"; how is ptonounced? like "eye" or like
> "tee"?)
It's "K-eye". Looks cool that way, if I ever have the urge to become a 
rap-artist, there's my gangsta-name.

> Unfortunately, I can't help you there. Incindeteally, it was right 
> before I
> subscribed to the list-- in '98-'99, i was preparing for the competitive
> exams to become a teacher.
> I'm sure Harry must have a backup of  those files.
I got the archives from Armando (thanks!), so I am good to go.

> May I ask what you're wriing about (even roughly)?
> I've often thought it would be interesting to compile Don Rosa's 
> messages on
> the DCML (lile Donald Ault did for Barks in his book). Could this be 
> part of
> your project?
You are pretty close. I am doing a biographical thing. I have read 
Ault's book, and its been an influence. I like the way he let Barks's 
voice come through. My book won't be a compilation of DCML messages, but 
they will be my main source. Hence its also a bit of history of DCML.

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