D D 2004-003 and some other new stories.

mateusz lis lis- at wp.pl
Thu Jun 2 10:17:30 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I have a question to Egmont (or anyone else who knows the answer): What is the 
name of the artist who has so beautifully drawn the story D/D 2004-003? His 
(or her) style of drawing is suberb - very regerdful (like Rosa's) and at the 
same time the characters are very... I dont know how to say that... dynamic, 
I think. It looks like the artist does his drawings with great ease. I'm 
wainting for more!
According to the credits printed in the Polish edtition of the weekly, this 
story was written by Kai Vainiomaki and draw by Kari Korhonen, so mayby mr. 
Vainiomaki is the artist of D/D 2004-003?
I have no doubt this story wasn't drawn by Kari Korhonen, especially when I 
compare it with another story from the weekly (a doble issue, so most Egmont 
readers will get half of these stories next week), D 2004-305. I really like 
Korhonen's style, but this one looks very sloppy - more like a sketch, not 
the published story. I get the impression that it was done in a hurry.
And by the way, I was also very surprised to see the characters from "The Lady 
and the Tramp" (and a direct-to-video sequel of it) in the weekly. I must 
admit that I prefer the ducks and mice universes, but it's nice to see some 
variety in the comic book. Accordind to the credits, this certain story (D 
2004-341)  was written by Lars Jensen, so thank you Lars for (re)introducing 
characters from Disney animated features to the weekly. 

Best regards,
Mateusz Lis

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