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Wed Jun 8 09:21:27 CEST 2005


>     $6.95 for 61 comics pages = 11 cents per comics page.
>     $2.50 for 22 comics pages = 11 cents per comics page.
>     From Gemstone to DC, you're actually getting exactly the same amount 
> of comics pages for your dollar, with US and WDC&S throwing in square 
> binding at no extra charge!
>     I hope you don't mind my having risen to your challenge, but it 
> looks to me like our product is perfectly competitive!

I'm sure that this is not the entire story. KOMIX, e.g., costs about half the 
price of WDC&S, has 80 pages, and includes specially commissioned articles 
that must surely add to production costs. Other than being staple-bound (and 
how much can they be saving because of this?) KOMIX seems to be a better 
magazine, production-wise, than WDC&S.

Some factors affecting price are:

a. KOMIX has a larger circulation than WDC&S.
b. KOMIX has a smaller distribution cost than WDC&S, as Greece is only the 
size of one US state. (Or is it the other way round, with WDC&S having zero 
distribution cost, given that it only sells to the direct market?)
c. Because of (a), KOMIX has advertisements for things other than the 
publisher's own products.

Until (a) and (c) can apply, I would not expect the price of WDC&S to drop 

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