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Olivier mouse-ducks at
Wed Jun 8 12:18:54 CEST 2005

- David -

>>> I'll certainly agree that it would be an absurd price to charge for a
>>> NORMAL comic book. But on behalf of Gemstone, I feel obliged
>>> to comment that UNCLE SCROOGE and WALT DISNEY'S
>>> COMICS AND STORIES aren't normal comic books.

$ 6.95 is still a high price for kids; twice each month is $13.90, plus
possibly / hopefully DD&F and MM&F ($2.95 each = $ 5.90) makes $ 19.80. Plus
$7.95 for DDA / MMA, $27.75.

This seems like a lot of  money, regardless of  the quality. I have no idea
how much kids usually have and spend per month, though. The 4 comics (ie,
not counting the pocket books) amount to one CD.

Do you have any idea of  the average age of  readers (rather, buyers)? I
suppose it's pretty high, making it easier for them (us) to afford that
much, but still, getting new, young buyers would be a good thing.

One question regarding the contents. I would love WDC&S and U$ to include
special features, as Gladstone's did-- like "The Year That Was" or those
articles on Mickey Mouse Magazine or whatever has to do with the comics.
These made the comic even more particular and interesting.
I guess you wanted to launch the comics first. Do you think you will be able
to reinstate such features soon?
(The latest comics I have are WDC&S 655 & U$ 341, so I may not be aware of
new features; it takes some time for to actually have them)


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