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Wed Jun 8 15:56:20 CEST 2005

> From: David Gerstein <ramapith at>
> US and WDC&S are 64-page comic books, squarebound with thick covers
> like trade paperbacks. They have at least 61 actual pages of comics per
> issue. For each issue we charge, yes, $6.95.
> But let's do a comparison. DC publishes Superman and Batman. Many of
> their comic books cost $2.50. For that $2.50 you get a 32-page comic
> book, staple-bound, with 22 actual pages of comics per issue (this last
> figure determined by checking a few random DC comics I had lying
> nearby).
> $6.95 for 61 comics pages = 11 cents per comics page.
> $2.50 for 22 comics pages = 11 cents per comics page.
> From Gemstone to DC, you're actually getting exactly the same amount
> of comics pages for your dollar, with US and WDC&S throwing in square
> binding at no extra charge!
> I hope you don't mind my having risen to your challenge, but it looks
> to me like our product is perfectly competitive!
> David

Frankly, the fact that you provide the same comic cost per page means little 
to me. The fact is that you still charge a ridiculously high price per book. 
I'd be more than happy to pay for a smaller comic book, possibly even to pay 
a little bit MORE per page, just to avoid dropping $7 at one blow!

As it is, Gemstone ONLY gets my money when a Don Rosa story is published, 
not because I think that no other author is worth reading, but because a 
story has to be REALLY special for me to go ahead and buy a $7 comic book 
that month. I might actually buy the books in other months if the price was 

Mark Baker-Wright
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