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Hi all

I made an index of the 13 latest Komix issues

All issues include 2 columns: Komix News and Mails.

Komix #192 (June 2004)

- Cover by Marco Rota (Prince Iganov).
- Prince Iganov, by Marco Rota (D 90243).
- Three-page article titled "Comics in Byzantium".
- Fortune on the Rocks, by Don Rosa (AR 128).
- Dupe in the Deep, by William Van Horn (D 93491).

Komix #193 (July 2004)

- Cover by Carl Barks (The Gilded Man).
- Three-page article titled "70 years Donald".
- The Gilded Man, by Carl Barks, re-printed from Komix
#2 with better quality and texts.
- Two-page articles titled "Donald in Eldorado".
- Attack of the Hideous Space Varmints, by Don Rosa (D
- Two-page interview with Don Rosa titled "Blasting to
- Deep Un-Pack, by Daan Jippes (D 2001-040).
- Catch of the Day, by William Van Horn (D 96010).

Komix #194, Olympic Issue (August 2004)

- Cover by William Van Horn (The 10c Marathon).
- The Olympiad, by Santana (D 9964).
- Two-page article titled "Comics and Athletism".
- The 10c Marathon, by Vicar (D 9716).
- The Olympic Hopeful, by Carl Barks ((WDC 188).
- Gitaar en Bodybuilding, by Bas Heymans (H 91126).
- Archimede's Gyroscope, by Cesar Ferioli (D 98153).

Komix #195 (September 2004)

- Cover by Don Rosa (The Treasure of the Ten Avatars).
- The Treasure of the Ten Avatars, by Don Rosa (D
- Two-page interview with Don Rosa titled "From Myth
to Adventure".
- Tricky Experiment, by Carl Barks (W US 39-05).
- Last Stagecoach to Tuscon, by Marco Rota (D 98157).
- Welverdiende Rust, by Mau Heymans (H 94205).
- Sosta Pericolosa, by Luigi Piras (J-2409-4).

Komix #196 (October 2004)

- Cover by Marco Rota (Dream of a Lifetime).
- Dream of a Lifetime, by Don Rosa (D 2002-033).
- Two-page article titled "Journey to the Dreams of a
- The Bunji Jumpers, by Vicar (D 92227).
- Heyseed, by Rodriguez (D 97343).
- Persued, by Pedro Alferez (D 98203).
- Dowsing Ducks, by Carl Barks (WDC 109-02).

Komix #197 (November 2004)

- Cover by Daniel Branca.
- Two-page aricle titled "Mickey Mouse 2000". Greek
Mickey Mouse magazine reaches issue #2000, becomes the
oldest magazine in Greece.
- One-page article titled "Don Rosa in Greece". Don
Rosa has visited Greece for the Mickey Mouse 2000
celebrations. He also signed the "Life and Times"
greek book.
- Pawns of the Loup Garou, written by Carl Barks and
drawn by Tony Strobl. This version is re-drawn by Daan
Gippes (H 98135).
- The Top Treasure in Town, by Daniel Branca (D 5952).
- Sleepless in Duckburg, by William Van Horn (D
- ill-starred Reporters, by Vicar (D 3993).
- Als Wethouder, by Bas Heymans (H 9287).

Komix #198 (December 2004)

- Cover by Michel Nadorp.
- Two-page article titled "An early-literature-work
- His Majesty McDuck, by Don Rosa (AR 145).
- Money to Spend, by Vicar (D 97262).
- The Black Widow, by Jose Colomer Fonts (D 92480).
- Two-page article titled "New Stories with old
- Goldilocks Gambit, by Carl Barks (WDC 110-02).

Komix #199 (January 2005)

- Cover by Marco Rota (Santa's Helpers).
- Santa's Helpers, by Marco Rota (D 2001-002).
- Four-page article titled "Don Rosa in Greece". Don
Rosa's travelling in Greece.
- Off on a Comet, by Noel Van Horn (D 96111).
- Rocket Roasted Christmas Turkey, by Carl Barks (WDC
- White Christmas Worries, by Daniel Branca (D 6670).
- The Purloined Toys, by William Van Horn (D 99052).
- Something out of Nothing, by Vicar (D 98155).

Komix #200 -Anniversary issue- (February 2005)

- Cover by Vicar (The Duck Family).
- Five-page interview with Komix editor titled "From
Mickey Mouse to Komix".
- Weibes Gold vom Matterhorn, by Cesar Ferioli and
Marshall (GA 2-84).
- Two-page article titled "A Creator meets the Press".
- Incident at McDuck Tower, by Don Rosa (D 90345).
- Four-page article titled "The Conjectural Work of
- New Year's Resolutions, by Carl Barks (WDC 173-02).
- The Man of Medals, by Korhonen (D 2000-190).
- I Have been Here Before, by Vicar (D 92173).
- Two-page article titled "Infernal Guests".
- Creature Comforts, by William Van Horn (D 98062)
- Train Oil Company, by Daan Jippes and Fred Milton (H
DD 781)
- Old Jack's Island, by Marco Rota (D 99286)
- Portrait of a Gander, by Cesar Ferioli (D 2000-189)

Komix #201 (March 2005)

- Cover by Marco Rota (Noble Little Crack).
- Noble Little Crack, by Marco Rota (D 99066).
- Four-page article titled "The Tremendous Cousin".
- The Icebox Robber, by Carl Barks.
- Pork Barrel Politics, by Vicar (D 93554).
- Say Uncle, by William Van Horn (D 94206).
- Dance of the Cuckoos, by Cesar Ferioli (D 99314).
- Die Hard Fans, by Esteban (D 2001-006).

Komix #202 (April 2005)

- Cover by Marco Rota (L'Antidollarossera).
- Three-page article titled "Romano Scarpa".
- L'Antidollarossera, by Romano Scarpa.
- Thievery Afoot, by Carl Barks.
- The Loaded Forebear, by William Van Horn (D 97151).
- Paradicchio, by Vicar (D 91401).
- Little Gyro in Quarkland, by Scalabroni (D 92068).

Komix #203 (May 2005)

- Cover by Don Rosa (Gyro's First Invention).
- Gyro's First Invention, by Don Rosa (D 2001-143).
- Three-page article titled "The Story of an
- The Day the Earth Stood Trial, by Marco Rota (D
- Bee Bumbles, by Carl Barks (G 10643).
- The Duckburg Hilbillies, by Vicar (D 92239).
- Passport to Lisbon, by Michael Puyol (D 92383).

Komix #204 (June 2005)

- Cover by Carl Barks.
- Fantastic River Race, by Carl Barks.
- Four-page article titled "Disneyland".
- Airheads, by William Van Horn (D 96366).
- Taking a Gander, by Daniel Branca (D 94232).
- Unexpected Help, by Vicar (D 7710).
- Security, by Romano Scarpa (D 2000-021).

Next month, Komix will publish Casablanca by
Cavazzano, plus stories by Carl Barks and William Van
Horn. Also, Komix announce the publication of Don
Rosa's "The Crown of the Crusader Kings" in one of the
next issues.

That's all for Greece.

Apostolis Trikourakis
Athens, Greece

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