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CBG's citation was for paid circulation, which is not the same as sales.

"Paid circulation" represents the number of copies going out to the  
newsstand market. How many copies are actually sold on the newsstand  
is another matter entirely.

And that matter, for Gladstone, amounted to this: while we were  
putting out 80,000 copies per issue per title on the newsstand, we  
saw actual sales - per issue per title - of only about 12,000. And  
this last figure kept dropping until, by the time we decided to  
switch to self-cover comics, we were only seeing sales of about  
8,000. At that level of sales it was absurd to print 80,000 copies,  
so we reduced that number over the course of things until we reached  
the figure cited by CBG. It didn't effect our overall sales, which  
simply continued their inexorbable creep downward.

While there are a number of folks who obviously like to think that  
the self-covers doomed Gladstone's Disney comics, the reality is they  
had little impact on the overall sales trends we were experiencing.  
They were just part of a continuing effort to keep the ball rolling,  
as was returning to slick covers and raising cover prices, and then  
dropping the newsstand altogether.

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