Reading duck comics acsive at
Wed Jun 15 19:53:06 CEST 2005

Hi all
Interesting question of what Scrooge stories to give to the little ones. 
Surely you should let them read and browse them. I know for a fact that I 
learned to read by reading duck comics - it was a bit later than the ones in 
question, but there's no doubt that the combination of drawings and text will 
encourage the child to find out what the text says - sometimes it's obvious, 
sometime you can figure it out. 

I have a handfull of children's books with Barks-stories adadpted to picture-
stories with texts, they're from the danish Donald Duck book club for 
children. Had those been available there maybe that would be agood idea too? 
(Maybe I'm thinking of the exact concept of those little golden books you 
mention? i'm not sure)

AC, from my very old email-adress, which still functions

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