Bruce Hamilton

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Sun Jun 19 10:33:41 CEST 2005

>>>> I have just learned that Gladstone's owner and publisher, Bruce
>>>> Hamilton, passed away at around 3:00 a.m. today, following a serious
>>>> illness. For Sue and myself, who knew and worked with Bruce for many
>>>> years, this is both sad and sobering.

All my deepest sympathies to Mr Hamilton's family and friends.

Bruce Hamilton did a lot for Disney comics: publishing the comics
anthologies in a most serious, professional way, not "simply" making them
available (which, in itself, is already an achievement), but doing it in a
splendid way.

More importantly, it was not merely about glossy paper and sumptuous colors;
publishing, in the comics and albums, essays (literary anaylses, in fact) by
Donald Ault, Geoffrey Blum and others, was a bold and enlightening move,
which helped highlight the quality of  such stories and the art of  comic

We all owe Mr Hamilton (and those who worked with him, such as Russ Cochran
& the Gladstone team) many many thanks.


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